Having a dream is easy for many of us. The trouble is usually making that dream come true. In countries like the United States it is easier to make that dream a reality. For many, hard work and a government that works with you give you an advantage. What about when you are not from the United Stated and it is not so easy to have officials on your side. This is the position that Guilherme Paulus was in when he dared to have a dream of owning his own business.

Guilherme de Jesus Paulus is the owner of one of the largest tourism companies in Brazil. Being a resident he also wanted to create in his country rather than leave and create wealth elsewhere. In school Guilherme studied business administration at 20 and gained an internship with IBM. Meeting Carlos Vicente Cerchiari at age twenty four was the start of a friendship and empire. Both men had the visions of bringing tourism to Brazil but Carlos was the one with access to financing. Guilherme Paulus had the knowledge and skill to pull off the project. Agreeing to run the hands on operations, the two men set out to corner the tourism market in Brazil.

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Placing their store fronts in strategic locations to attract clients in love with the nostalgia of the country, the company they formed, CVC was able to capitalize of the interest of the visitors and even residence. Later on Carlos left the company giving Guilherme Paulus complete control. He has since built the company into one of the largest in Brazil. Opening luxury hotels and helping to secure travel through webjets the company has become a power house.

Guilherme Paulus took the company public in 2009 selling 63% to the Carlyle Group for $750 million. In 2013 the company started trading on the exchange gaining more financing and rising more capital. CVC does over five billion dollars in revenue per year in sales. The taxes and government slowing of businesses in Brazil has not stopped CVC one bit as they look forward to more success.