The American Institute of Architects has recently announced that the chief executive officer Robert Ivy has been named the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Winning this award has allowed Robert to further demonstrate himself as a distinguished professional in his field.

With the Lifetime Achievement Award, individuals in the artistic, creative and performance fields are given recognition for their achievements. By receiving this Noel Polk award, Robert Ivy will join the ranks of many other prominent writers, artists and actors who have won this highly prestigious honor. As the latest winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert has been able to add on to his impressive career track record.

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Many people associated with Robert Ivy such as his colleagues have expressed their satisfaction of him winning the award. These colleagues have mentioned that winning this award proves that Robert is able to represent the field as a key ambassador due to his abilities in writing, editing and practice as an architect. Another colleague associated with Robert has said that by winning this award, he has been able to demonstrate his high level of expertise and competence in the field. Robert becomes yet another native of Mississippi to win this major award. He joins famous individuals such as actor Morgan Freeman to win the Lifetime Achievement Award.

For many years, Robert Ivy has been a major participant in the architecture field. When he first started his career, Robert spent a number of years writing articles about architecture. He would work for a number of publications in the industry. While working as a writer, Ivy would provide in depth articles about some of the most significant issues and developments in the field. As well being a writer, Robert spent several years as an editor. While working as an editor, Robert would hold positions such as Editor in Chief for major publications in the architecture field. During his stint as an editor, he won a couple of top awards in recognition for his excellence. In the year 2011, Robert Ivy joined the American Institute of Architects. After joining this organization, he became the chief executive officer of the organization.

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