Lawyer Bruno Fagali is new to the field but has already become successful. The young layer established his own law firm early on in his career called The Fagali Advocacy.

Bruno Fagali’s law firm operates in several fields of law. Those include anti-corruption law, public law, advertising law, compliance, parliamentary law, communication law, and election law, to name a few. The Fagali Advocacy strives to work with purpose and combine the knowledge of its lawyers with utmost care and personalized services to meet the needs of their every client.

Lawyer Bruno Fagali achieved his higher education in 2009 from the PUC-SP in Law. After that, Bruno Fagali started studying Administrative Law at the same institution from 2010 to 2012. From 2015 up until 2017, Bruno Fagali attended the Faculty of Law of the University of Sao Paolo and graduated with a Master’s degree in Law.

Entering the legal profession, Bruno Fagali started working at an advertising agency as their Compliance Office for a couple of years. Bruno Fagali was also the coordinator at the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. By that time, the Fagali Advocacy had achieved substantial success.

Bruno Fagali has specialized in several fields of his line of work which translate into the specializations of his law firm. At his advocacy, Bruno Fagali serves as the leader, lawyer and so he does consulting and litigation in anti-corruption law compliance, election law, advertising law, and the likes.

The Fagali Advocacy is also led by Partner and lawyer Lucas Aluisio Scatimburgo Pedroso. He provides the same legal services as his colleague Bruno Fagali. Lawyer Lucas Aluisio Scatimburgo Pedroso achieved his higher education from the University of Sao Paulo where he attended their Faculty of Law from 2012 to 2016 and graduated in Law. In 2018, lawyer Lucas Aluisio Scatimburgo Pedroso started studying to achieve his master’s degree in Law and will be continuing his studies until 2020.

The two lawyers have been recognized for their work at the Fagali Advocacy. Even though they are at the start of their careers in the field, both of them have been able to steadily grow their business.

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