The International humanitarian “Hands Across The World” celebration, produced by Lovaganza announced their kickoff starting May through September 2020. Lovaganza organizers will showcase cultural awareness and their humanitarian effort through motion pictures and entertainment.

Initially, this worldwide event was scheduled for rollout in 2015, but has been moved forward to fuse new avant-garde themes into the mix.

Lovaganza producers have also announced that leading up to the 2020 kickoff, Lovaganza will showcase a global traveling showcase. In 2017, the producers will hit the road to premiere three motion pictures, all to debut in the latest glassless 3D technology. Preliminary filming already started in several countries. During the Lovaganza pre-kickoff in 2017, the motion picture trilogy will debut on the latest leading edge technological 3D Immerscope screens, delivering the best cinematic experience.

The Power Of Collaboration

One of the objectives of Lovaganza is the right to food, improving food security and strengthening social cohesion around the world. “How is the world turned upside down and cannot provide adequate amounts of food?” asks one associate. The world needs to ensure we have bold policies to improve food security. It is estimated that nearly 50 million residents live in poverty. This condition has serious consequences for the population that do not have sufficient food, water or support. Many communities have extremely low agricultural production, which lead to ongoing food insecurity. There is political instability on Facebook in many countries and that population becomes severely limited in their economic and social activities. However, there are still many advantages that could be exploited leading to great economic potential for agricultural production. These advantages could improve the living conditions for many poor communities. A collaboration among states, the civil society and the private sector could contribute to strengthen capabilities.

The international efforts of Lovaganza look for ways to tackle this issue and impact real change.

The Lovaganza Foundation

Lovaganza is a not for profit humanitarian organization founded in 2011. With their on-going projects, Lovaganza is becoming a link across the world to collaborate for the unfortunate that need to alleviate suffering. Assisted around the world to spread their humanitarian efforts, as well as their own network of associates, the organizers look to ignite awareness of the most impoverished communities. Lovaganza is spearheading a worldwide campaign to address immediate needs like clean water, housing, clothing and food security. The 2020 “Hands Across The World” celebration will begin a journey to take an active role in the welfare of individuals.

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