George Soros is one of the most successful financial professionals in the United States, and he has something to say about Ukraine. Soros is from Hungary, but he immigrated to the United States after getting a financial degree in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, George Soros found immense success within the world of investing and finances, but in his later years, he decided to devote his time and energies to philanthropy. He has also taken an interest in the issue going on right now between the European Union and Ukraine.

The Ukraine Issue

Right now, Ukraine would love to be a part of the European Union, but it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, the Netherlands voted specifically against inviting them into the Union.

But George Soros Ukraine says that things have changed in Ukraine. If the European Union is thinking of the old Ukraine, Soros says, they’re thinking of the wrong Ukraine. It’s the new Ukraine that needs to be let into the union. He believes this because he feels Ukraine will be a benefit to the EU. They have millions of inhabitants who want to support the EU and are willing to fight for them.

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The Challenges That Ukraine Faces

Ukraine has a number of challenges it is facing right now. One of them is their large neighbor to the east. Russia has been an aggressor to Ukraine for decades and even centuries. Right now, Ukraine financial and military pressures from Russia, and the president, Vladimir Putin, doesn’t seem to be interested in pulling out any time soon. Soros claims that if the European Union would be willing to let Ukraine into their coveted club and give them financial assistance, things would change in the country. Facing the problems from Russia, Ukraine would definitely be able to hold its own. But the financial situation is something that Ukraine would still need help with.

If the European Union were to help Ukraine with finances, Soros is completely confident that things would improve soon in Ukraine. And when this happens, people in the EU as well as around the world would be able to see that the problems in Ukraine are directly related to what is going on with Russia.

George Soros is important to this cause because he one of the only individuals who is a true supporter of Ukraine becoming a part of the EU. He is standing up for a country that sits in eastern Europe where his own country of Hungary is. And he sees a European Union that can muddle through the mess that it is currently in. Right now, Ukraine is not in the EU, and only time will tell whether or not Soros is right that adding them to the Euro Zone can do what he thinks it can. If his potential success in predictions like these is similar to his success in the financial world and in his endeavors with high end investments, we can only assume he is correct.

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