You may know him from his dealings with business partner and author Harvey MacKay or possibly from his career as an attorney at law, but Greg Hague is best known for the savvy moves he makes in real estate. Hague’s operates like a well-oiled machine because of the strong set of skills he brings to the table. Because of his law background, he knows the in’s and out’s of real estate law and because of his experience as an author and professor, he’s able to deliver material about real estate purchasing to an audience with the utmost expertise.

As a 35 year veteran in the real estate industry, Hague has committed his life to sharing his knowledge with realtor’s and persons interested in getting into the industry, nationwide. He speaks at events across the U.S. to help people improve the buying process in real estate.

Hague says sellers are taking a loss because they’re still utilizing an outdated system to sell their homes. He asserts that homeowners or sellers are taking a loss of approximately 3 to 8% of a cut – reduced prices on the sell of houses – because they’re not focused on the right things.

He refers to the way the MLS advertises properties as an operation of hope and believes that homes should instead, be advertised with all the appeal of a major product ad. He compares major corporation Apple and the way they market their iPhone which costs under a thousand dollars, to the way sellers are putting little effort into their home sales that will net over a hundred thousand dollars. Ouch! The man really packs a mean punch. He makes a good point. Certainly people should strategize better and use more effort to make a half million dollar sale, than one for only five hundred.

Hague has developed a new and fresh structured way of the home selling process, that is sure to put more money in your pocket in a more expedient amount of time. His most recent find is called, “Real Estate Mavericks” and it’s almost guaranteed to turn the process around. His Home Launch formula is a 22 step technique that assists owners with the initial stages of preparation, and the Fast Sale Plan is a 29 day turn around dedicated specifically to the sale. The setups are designed to create an influx of as soon as the home is listed, so that a sense of urgency to buy is created.

When a house sits on the market for too long, Hague refers to it as certain death to the price of the home, meaning the seller is losing profit while he waits for a buyer to purchase.